It is also called the Capuchin system because it was proposed by the Capuchin friars in 1962; It is an emanation of the double Guyot which allows abundant production and, if necessary, also easy mechanization. It has two spurs and two fruit-bearing shoots tied to a bow. The distance is 1.3-1.5 m on the branch and 2.5-3 m between the rows. SIKA poles must be very robust, 2.7-3 m high above the ground and about 10 m apart in the row. They carry four 16-18 gauge iron wires, of which the first is 1.2 m away from the ground, the second 60 cm from the first, the third 50 cm from the second, the fourth 60 cm from the third. The production pruning consists in cutting the two heads at the fruit of the year and replacing them with two other shoots raised by the spurs, tying them in a bow starting from the second child and fixing the first thread. One or two spurs will be held with two buds each. Sika vineyard poles
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