Anchoring systems

Helix or plate anchoring for the stability of your vineyard

We supply two types of vineyard anchors. They consist of an element fixed in the ground and one or more connection wires that ensure stability and durability to the system.


It is the anchor with a concrete base is safer in the event of extreme working conditions such as sloping ground, very long rows, etc. it bears significant tensions.

It adapts to all types of soil, and to be planted it requires an excavation carried out with an excavator or auger.

They have concrete plates with rod and stop in galvanized steel.


They have simple, versatile galvanized steel propellers that are particularly suitable for soils without skeletons.

The helix anchor, not suitable for gravel soils, offers less difficulty in placing it on the ground and immediately allows the tension of the wires, but does not withstand high tensions.