Braces for rooted cuttings

Classic steel or Corten steel for adequate support for your cuttings

The stakes for cuttings are very important because they ensure stability to the row and perfect verticality of the vine.

It is important to choose materials with generous diameters eg. Ø8mm, so that the fixing of the cuttings takes place in the most correct and lasting way over time and does not hinder the mechanization and harvesting operations in the future.

We offer two types of braces:

  • the classic ribbed steel brace
    the new corten steel brace
  • Standard rod Ø8 L = 1300mm or L = 1500mm

Bundles of 1000pcs

On order diameters Ø7 / Ø8 / Ø10 mm

The Corten k-style 7 mm diameter braces in patinable steel are able to guarantee the same performance as the normal 8 mm round but with all the quality and technical-aesthetic value.

Thanks to these supports, the perfect verticality of the cuttings and the solidity of the row are guaranteed. It harmonizes with the vineyard and offers a duration beyond the life of the vineyard.