The spring spacer consists in containing and supporting the vegetation of the vine which, immediately after suckering, tends to grow quickly and fall on the sides, as the double wires are wider than the thickness of the pole, thanks to the use of the same; the vegetation rests on the wires without breaking and at this point the closing operation is facilitated with the following advantages: more manageability and more speed, a single person can do much more work, with consequent labor savings. The vegetation, once the wires are closed, rises vertically perfectly, positioning itself in an optimal way for the following jobs, such as for example topping. You will also get the following benefits:

  • a better positioning of the grapes, therefore more speed during the harvest and a greater yield of the various treatments.
  • In the pruning phase, greater speed and ease of the operation.

The spacers do not create any problem for the mechanized operations of harvesting topping, leafing and so on.