Galvanized steel wire for vineyards


At our company you will find two types of vineyard wires. The modern stainless steel wires that we deal with have these characteristics:

  • duration equal to or greater than that of the vineyard
  • compatible with mechanized systems
  • elimination of thread retension after harvesting
  • 40% weight reduction compared to traditional galvanized wire
  • excellent value for money


Corten wire is suitable for those who prefer everything camouflaged in nature. The corten wire protects itself from atmospheric corrosion with the formation of a surface patina of brown color (wood color) which then allows a complete aesthetic harmonization in the vineyard. the untreated product is an optimal choice for eliminating the visual impact of the threads and enhancing the vineyard.

Technically, we can say that it has mechanical characteristics of resistance equal to 900 N / mm2 and an elongation that is between 3% and 6% (mechanical tests in the laboratory), guaranteeing minimum maintenance interventions, all achieving superior performance compared to traditional galvanized wire and zinc-aluminum wire.

A perfect eco-sustainable combination of vine and thread