It is a widespread farming technique particularly in Tuscany, in the Chianti areas in the hilly area with medium-good fertility. The distance between the screws is 1.2-1.5 m on the row and 2.5-3 m between threading. The SIKA poles, 8-10 m apart, must be 2.5 m high above the ground. The first iron wire will be placed 60 cm from the ground and the other three 60 cm apart. In the second year of cultivation, only one slice will be bred, pruned to 2/3 of the length, along which spurs of 2 spirally distributed buds will be kept, then leaving the vegetation grows spontaneously. The third year the life will be pruned to assume its final shape: the first spur with eight to 10 buds will start from the stem 60 cm from the ground; the second spur, positioned mirrored, on the second thread and so for the remaining threads. The fourth year begins the production pruning: shoots I call already fruitful will be cut, raising the neighboring spurs. The same behavior at the height of the second wire and so for the following ones. This farming system, by eliminating green pruning, reduces operating costs and allows a greater production of grapes.
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