Company – Turnkey vineyards 


We are born as producers of quality metal profiles based on the customer’s design. Producers of vineyard poles for 21 years, but only for 5 years with direct sales to the final consumer.

We were the first manufacturers of metal poles in ITALY

Our iron posts for vineyards are designed taking into consideration the most modern mechanization needs, different types of slots can be configured. The BIG pole has both H-shaped (to facilitate the installation of the lateral wires) and N-shaped slots (excellent for avoiding accidental leakage of the wires) in a particular combination. It is also equipped with “H” -shaped slots 500mm from the ground to allow the irrigation pipe to be fixed and the wire at rest. The MEDIUM and SMALL poles, on the other hand, are equipped with standard U-shaped slots or on request, for a minimum quantity of 5000 pcs, including all N slots.

Another peculiarity of the slots is that they are in line with the profile of the pole, thus not being damaged by the beaters of the grape harvesters.

Thanks to the particular profile that allows them to withstand an increased lateral load compared to traditional steel poles, SIKA vineyard poles can be positioned at a greater distance, thus limiting installation costs. The poles for vineyards are available in corten steel, in post-processing galvanized steel (hot-dip galvanized), in galvanized steel from strip. SIKA vineyard poles are therefore not only the ideal support for the vines from a technical point of view, but also offer themselves as the best investment for those looking for a quality product, with certification of the same.

In addition to the poles we supply all the material inherent to the vineyard.

We would like to emphasize that SIKA is the only company in the sector with certification.

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